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November 22nd, 2008

“… … When I got out of the tunnel, the view was beautiful.”

Life is full challenges, they say. In our lifetime, we encounter different hurdles in life. Some are easy, and others are moderate. But some are too much for us to handle that we feel like we are being swallowed by a quicksand. It will take more than all of our strength to overcome such challenges in life. But once we win over such trial, we feel satisfied with ourselves.


I work in a small computer rental here in Laguna. For more than four years in this job, the problem I always encounter is how to keep all my computers virus and malware free. Believe me, it’s hard to keep it clean if you are the only one performing all the duties — that is being technician, programmer, system administrator, network administrator, and cashier.(lol)

It’s hard to manage a computer rental shop due to the following reasons;

1. Not all customers are knowledgeable enough to understand how computer works. Some of them are just plain computer users. They don’t know if they are doing it right or not. If you are unlucky, you will encounter a customer that needs to undergo a tutorial lesson.

2. When they are connected to the Internet, some customers don’t know if what they browse are virus-free sites. Or maybe some of them intentionally want to put some virus on your workstation.

3. Some flash drives, mp3 players, card readers, diskettes and other removable media drives that customers use are infected with viruses and Trojans.

4. Some customers aren’t happy with the way you configure your workstation. That’s why some of them are changing it the way they want the appearance of your workstation to be. “The customer is always right”. (not left hehehe)

With the problems stated above, I looked for a better solution, and believe me all anti-virus are ineffective in some cases. I installed a double protection, anti-spyware and anti-virus combination, but to no avail. I’m tired of using some known name in antivirus industry because they eat a lot of memory resource in your computer, and yet are still ineffective. Until I stumbled upon this very simple yet effective software named DEEPFREEZE.

How Does Deepfreeze Work?

According to Faronics website

“Faronics Deep Freeze helps eliminate workstation damage and downtime by making computer configurations indestructible. Once Deep Freeze is installed on a workstation, any changes made to the computer—regardless of whether they are accidental or malicious—are never permanent. Deep Freeze provides immediate immunity from many of the problems that plague computers today—inevitable configuration drift, accidental system misconfiguration, malicious software activity, and incidental system degradation….;”

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  1. ederic
    November 22nd, 2008 at 20:18 | #1

    Congrats on your new blog, bro!

    Wishing you more entries, visitors, and comments! 😉

  2. November 23rd, 2008 at 02:48 | #2

    I havent looked at Deepfreeze, but I swear by Microsoft’s own Windows SteadyState.

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